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it's time to flip the script

Build a dental career that works for you, on your own terms.

The Meditax Course Suite

online b-school just for dentists

Welcome to business school for dentists (minus the terrible fluorescent lighting) where you can sip a steaming latte in the comfort of your living room, and learn from the experts how to build out your dream dental career step-by-step. Choose the class that is most relevant to where you are in your career and let's get started!


The Associate Lab

So you're in your first years working as an associate in a dental practice or several but you have sooo many questions.  What are my tax obligations, how to avoid paying too many taxes, should I buy my own practice, should I build a practice, what insurance do I need in case something happens to me and I can't work, do I need a lawyer, how do I know if my contract is legit?  Sound familiar?  I'm sure the list of questions is way longer than that.  This course will answer all of your most pressing questions and way more. New or seasoned, this course was designed just for associates.

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The Buyers Lab

Are you interested in purchasing your first dental practice, or maybe acquiring multiple?  Wondering if you should build a new practice from scratch? What about buying real estate vs renting?  This course will show you all of the ins-and-out of purchasing and building a dental practice. We will cover all angles from legal steps, taxation, accounting, financing, appraisals, employment contracts and more.  This course is quite comprehensive and will make sure you are a pro when it comes to building your dental empire. It's like having a crash course with the dream team (lawyer, accountant and banker).

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Dental Success


Owning a dental practice and running a dental practice like a boss are two very different realities. In the first, your practice owns you.  You know exactly what that means.  If you're not physically there, your business falls apart.  We want to take you from working in  your dental practice to working on  your practice. Why? Because the more valuable you are to your business, the less valuable it is.  This course will challenge how you think about your practice and the way you run things. Did we mention that we loooove to put systems and automations in place.  It's not that hard, we just need to get there one week at a time.  This is NOT your typical dental practice management course.  We will turn everything you know up on its head.  Welcome to your new version of the dental MBA, where we throw out the books and quickly implement strategies in real time.  

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Free Resources

You don't know what you don't know. And that's ok. That's why we're here.  We want to support you and make sure you stay ahead of the game every step of the way.  Get access to our free tools and resources just for dentists.


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your instructor

Cathy Nehme

Welcome to my online course! As a tax lawyer for the past 19 years and counting, a proud University of Montreal graduate, a mompreneur, and a specialist in the dental industry, I have passionately lectured dentists on the business aspects of being a dentalpreneur. Join me (and my special guests) and get ready for an incredibly useful training that will help you reach your business goals faster!

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