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For confidentiality purposes, many of our vendors do not wish to be included on our website.  If you are an interested buyer and wish to be notified when a new dental practice is for sale, we recommend that you register to receive new listings by email.

If you are interested in receiving information about one of our listings, please click on the button below and specify when you are available for a telephone appointment.  


dental practices for sale
finding the right dental practice

We understand that purchasers don't have much time to invest in finding the proper dental practice. To make the process more seamless and effortless, we give as much information about each dental practice as possible. Once a purchaser is registered on our site and has signed a non-disclosure agreement, we provide all the financial information about the dental practice, appraisal report, pictures, and a 360-degree virtual tour to help you visualize the space in 3D.

If the purchaser likes what they see, we usually book a visit to the dental practice on a weekend when the staff isn't around for confidentiality purposes. 

We look forward to talking to every one of you. To get started, please register at the link below.


We want to help you find the best fit for your purchasing project. Our purchasers have different ideas for what they are looking for. Some wish to purchase many clinics while others prefer to own only one location. Regardless of your preference, we want to be a part of your journey.


4 OPS | 1500 S.F | 1000 PATIENTS | 750K CONDO | 780K/YR 
3+1 OPS | 1428 S.F. | 2540 PATIENTS | $4100/M LEASE| 980K/YR
7 OPS | 3000 S.F. | 1822 PATIENTS | $4200/M LEASE | 890K/YR 


3 OPS | 1250 S.F. | 800 PATIENTS | $3500/M LEASE | 400K/YR


#2205-Blainville (GEN.)-550K (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)


4 OPS | 1400 S.F. | 840 PATIENTS | $4400/M LEASE | 550K/YR 

#2206-longueuil (GEN.)-675K (ACCEPTED OFFER)


4 OPS | 1082 S.F. | 1637 PATIENTS | $2300/M LEASE | 750K/YR 

#2207-montréal-est (GEN.)-1.2M (ACTIVE)


4 OPS | 1500 S.F. | 2000 PATIENTS | $4000/M LEASE | 1.35K/YR 

Interested in a listing?

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Before organizing a visit to a dental clinic, we always make sure that all of your questions have been answered and you have all the details you need to make the right decision.

Please book a call with us.

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