CORPORATE REORGANIZATION - Whether you plan on starting a new business or have been running your business for years, our lawyers can help you optimize your corporate structure, minimize your legal liability, protect your assets and increase your tax savings. 

CROSS-BORDER - Many Canadians, especially Quebec residents, prefer the mild Florida weather to our rough Canadian winters. Unfortunately, many if not most are unaware of the legal and tax ramifications of either being present in the United States for many days or owning real estate in the Florida, as an example.

ESTATE  PLANNING - Many if not most Canadians are unaware that taxes are levied upon their death.  Our tax lawyers can help put into place tax and legal strategies in order to reduce or eliminate taxes at death as well as protect your estate from creditors and divorcing spouses.

In addition, drafting a mandate for incapacity will allow you to remain in control of your life decisions despite your health issues.


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